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Aristech offers worry-free, compliant and structured Contractor Payroll Services. We take away all the hassles of administration, insurances, taxes, compliance and liabilities and ensure you maximise the valuable tax deductions that are available to you as a Contractor. We pay your salary, your tax and superannuation and provide the insurances to cover your work, including Workers’ Compensation, and Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance. With our Payroll Services you can also enjoy extra benefits of Salary Packaging and Novated Car Leasing at no extra cost.

What else do we offer?

We understand Contractors need flexible solutions so we offer you two valauble benefits as part of our Payroll Services that will save you money.


Salary packaging

Salary Packaging is a smart way to restructure your income, so you end up with more money in your pocket. It can benefit both you and employers, but most importantly it maximises your earnings. A Payroll Officer will deduct an agreed amount of funds from your pre-tax pay to cover the cost of items such as a laptop, mobile phone or even super. By paying for these items before tax, you’re lowering your taxable income and pay less tax ending up with more cash to play with.


Novated Car Leasing

Your vehicle lease payments can be deducted from your income allowing you to save when it comes to your tax return. Your employer is responsible for your repayments to the finance company and all the agreed vehicle expenses (including the lease, running costs and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)) and deducts the amount from your pre-tax earnings as part of your Salary Sacrifice. This can effectively increase your net disposable income because you’ll pay less tax.

Why our payroll services


Get paid on time, every time

No more worrying when you’re going to get paid. We have regular payment cycles and we can pay to multiple bank accounts.

We do the paperwork

We like paperwork and have plenty of experience in finding ways for you to make the most of your salary with compliant tax solutions.

Be smart with your salary

We can package your salary to ensure you benefit from your Contractor expenses and advise you on the best solution to suit the way you live and work.

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Want to save money and time on Payroll Tax and insurances and benefit from Salary Packaging and Car Leasing? Take advantage of the value-added Payroll Services offered by Aristech.


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