We get the basics right


We meet with you, listen, ask the right questions, get to know your personality, what you like and don’t like and the type of team you would enjoy. We want to know the things that matter most to you.


We get to know you

We do more to understand your circumstances, career aspirations and skills to help you succeed.


Your Ideal Role

For us reputation is everything. You can rest-assured we will help you find your ideal role.


We’re IT people too

We have IT backgrounds which means a better understanding of your skills and ambitions.

IT Resourcing


What are you looking for in a job?

We’re making the IT Industry’s best matches not just filling positions. Candidates often find that recruitment agencies see their employer clients as the most important party, we disagree! To Aristech, both candidates and clients are equally important. Without the best candidates, we wouldn’t be able to satisfy the needs of our clients. So do not worry, we’re here to guide you through the whole process from finding the best role to negotiating a great contract.

Our Recruitment Steps



Understand Job & Client Needs
Understanding the job details and client project environment is key to the success of the submission. We try to understand the client budget, the candidate skill requirements and the timeframe of the project in need.
Talent Analysis
We search our talent pool of skilled verifiable candidates based on the job requirement, share reliable like-minded partners for resources and short-list right-fit candidates.
Screening Interviews
Preliminary skill assessment is conducted to identify all aspects to skills – communication, technical and written with respect to the job needs.


Security and References
Security checks validated with AGIMO, legal working rights are checked, references are contacted as required before submission to client
Submission Preparation
Making sure submission of a resume, resume formatting, submission template format and details are verified. Both client and candidates communicated.


Follow-up communication
Engage both client and candidates in clear transparent information transfer.
Contract negotiation
Communicate with both client and candidate separately in contract negotiation of hourly/daily rates, period, start date and flexibility.
Contract preparation & payment cycle
Electronic contracts prepared with all parties. Finance setup like purchase order with client and payroll setup with candidates are documented.
Post Contract start Follow-up
Client and Candidates are followed up to make sure the service provided are as expected.
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