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About Us

Canberra, in the Australian Capital Territory, has emerged as the number one market for IT employment in Australia, in part due to the large Commonwealth Government sector opportunities as well as due to the large private sector servicing and supporting this government sector.

Numerous companies compete for this business: IT services, consulting and recruitment companies as well as large systems integrators and professional services firms.

However, the large number of IT services and personnel suppliers here in Canberra does not equate to quality service provision. Many of the companies claiming to provide top quality IT talent are not even located in Canberra and do not understand the unique nature of the labour market or the hiring constraints (long lead times, security clearance requirements, extensive tender processes, etc). For the IT consultant, contractor or permanent employee, it is tough to see a differentiator amongst the crowd.

In July 2007, a seasoned IT consultant, Manoj Achuthan, decided that his direct knowledge of the Canberra IT market could be used to provide professional services to the contractors like himself - payroll services, recruitment and consulting opportunities. At the same time, he could use his experience as a contractor on-the-job for numerous projects to the advantage of clients looking for top quality IT talent. He decided that it was time for IT contractors to get a better deal by being represented by one of their own as well as to provide professional recruitment and consulting services to employers who were looking for best fit, first time IT contractors.