charset PRINCE2® Practitioner CBT Course


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Certification: APM Group

Validation period: 12 months

Course Delivery: Computer based training

Includes: Voucher for the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam


This course is for delegates who want to prepare themselves for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam without attending a classroom course. This is the most complete PRINCE2 CBT package available on the internet.

CBT content

Downloadable materials

  • TAG-PM PRINCE2 Practitioner training manual
  • TAG-PM PRINCE2 Practitioner Q&A Workbook
  • TAG-PM PRINCE2 Process Model Trigger Map (A4)
  • TAG-PM PRINCE2 Process Model Trigger Map Poster (A1)
  • Full set of PRINCE2 templates

PRINCE2 Principles, Themes and Processes

  • TAG-PM PRINCE2® Powerpoint Flash Slides (more than 200)
  • TAG-PM PRINCE2 Podcasts (more than 20 hours)

Additional information

  • TAG-PM PRINCE2 Themes, Processes and Management Products Memory Flash Cards (more than 400)
  • TAG-PM PRINCE2 Practitioner Case Study with multiple Practitioner exercises

APMG Exam Guidance and Test Exams

  • APMG PRINCE2® Exam syllabus
  • APMG PRINCE2® Practitioner exam guidance
  • Two APMG PRINCE2 Practitioner test exams including rationale
  • Link to the online test exam on the APMG website

Additional documentation not part of this course

There are various books you can buy in addition to this CBT course. Here is one book you might want to consider:

(you can use the manual during your Practitioner exam)